Andreas Pavlou is Network Lead at Involve, focusing on open government and, in particular, the coordination of the UK Open Government Network. He believes deeply that increased transparency, better citizen participation and greater accountability are key to improving decision-making in government and the quality of democracy in the UK.

He previously worked as a Right to Information Campaigner and Researcher at Access Info Europe, working on promoting and defending freedom of information and decision-making transparency across Europe and the EU. Here he developed a keen interest in open government, as a concept that is essential in reforming and modernising democracy for the benefit of citizens. Based in Madrid over the last five years, he was able to follow closely the democratising and participatory consequences of the 15M movement on Spanish politics and society, such as the increased demand for democratic renewal and greater citizen engagement in political and social life.

Andreas holds a Masters in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath, where he first learnt about deliberative democracy and completed his thesis on the immediate impacts of post-2008 anti-austerity and anti-corruption social movements in Spain and Greece. He gained his Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham.