Published on March 16, 2012

Webinar 3: Elected representatives and community engagement

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By Tim Hughes

Tim is Involve's director. He has led campaigns and advocacy on open government; advised national, devolved and local governments, civil society organisations and multilateral institutions; and researched and written on topics including public participation, open government, democratic reform, civil society advocacy and public administration.

Today, 16th March, we held the third webinar in our series on community engagement for the Creative Councils programme. In this session, Mary Reid, a former (and undefeated) councillor, mayor and cabinet member in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames spoke about elected representatives and community engagement.

During the session, Mary discussed the motivations of councillors and why it’s in their interests to engage with residents, provided some examples of structures and strategies that support public engagement, and spoke about her experiences of community engagement as an elected representative.

Here is a recording of the webinar for your interest:

You can also flick through the slides from Mary’s presentation:

“Elected representatives and community engagement”

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And here’s commentary of the session from Twitter / Simon:

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