Published on January 23, 2015

All political parties must commit to open government | Joint letter | UK Open Government Network

Open Government Partnership UK Open Government Network

By Tim Hughes

Tim is Involve's incoming director, taking over from 21st January 2017. Tim has led campaigns and advocacy on open government; advised national, devolved and local governments, civil society organisations and multilateral institutions; and researched and written on topics including public participation, open government, democratic reform, civil society advocacy and public administration.

UK Open Government Network

Over seventy members of the UK Open Government Civil Society Network, including Involve, have written to political parties calling on them to commit to open government and the Open Government Partnership. The joint letter calls on political parties to:

1. State their commitment to the open government principles of transparency, participation and accountability in your party manifesto, and outline the open government reforms that you will introduce.
2. Commit to working to further the impact of Open Government Partnership domestically and internationally.
3. Commit to implementing, with the UK Open Government Network, an open and collaborative process for developing the UK’s third Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

Read the full text of the letter via the link below.

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