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Sciencewise programme

Published: January 10, 2014

Involve are working in partnership with Ricardo AEA and the British Science Association to deliver the Sciencewise programme. Sciencewise is funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. It helps the government engage with the public on policy issues involving science and technology, providing co-funding, guidance, advice, training and mentoring on projects to bring in the public voice. Sciencewise is unique internationally for…

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Stuck in the middle?

August 30, 2012

Too often, dialogue is seen as a way to avoid disagreement. But even if this is possible, is it wise?  A book came out a few months ago which caught my attention. ‘You’re not as crazy as I thought you were (but you’re still wrong)' is the result of a year-long dialogue between Phil Neisser,…

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Front page of Making the Case

Making the Business Case for Public Engagement

May 15, 2012

At today's session at the Science Communication conference by the British Science Association, Involve ran a session on how to make the business case for engagement. You can see the slides here: Involve presentation: making the case for public engagement View more presentations from InvolveFoundation. You can also read our publication, including the spreadsheets for calculations, here.…

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Power struggles: Beyond Accessibility

April 18, 2012

Some thoughts on how to run participation exercises which favour the least powerful. In a recent post I argued that if government-run participation is going to have a transformative effect on our society, we need to see it as a power struggle. If we don’t, participation is likely to replicate existing power relations, with the…

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Power struggles: Why we need top-down and bottom-up

April 17, 2012

One of the best tools to overcome power inequality is bottom-up participation such as Community Organising. However, there is still a need for top-down participation too. Recently, I suggested that if participation is going to work towards a fairer and more equal society then participation exercises need to challenge existing power imbalances. A number of the…

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Webinar 4: Making the Case for Engagement

April 3, 2012

Last week, we held the fourth webinar in our series on community engagement for the Creative Councils programme. In this session, Involve's Deputy Director Edward Andersson, gave a very practical advice on how to make the case for engagement, including  on how to measure and give economic value to the outcomes of engagement.     Making the case webinar View more…

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Will the ECI make (April) fools of European Citizens?

March 30, 2012

The European Citizens Initiative could be a step towards a more participative EU. But for it to be a success, the European Commission will need to prove it's serious about listening to citizens. Apologies for the title. But when the European Citizens’ Initiative launches on April 1st (who chose the date, you have to ask?) it invites…

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Crowded Street

The Future of Local Government: Involve Responses

February 29, 2012

In these three submissions to the Commission on the Future of Local Government, Involve outlines our thoughts on the role of local governments in building participative, sustainable communities. The Future of Local Government (submitted December 2011) Here we’ve argued that citizen participation is fundamental to the sustainable well-being of local communities, and that the democratic mandate remains central…

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Participation as a power struggle

February 28, 2012

Participation takes place in an unequal world. If we don't acknowledge and engage with these power inequalities, there's a danger that participation will increase them.  Recently, I spent an evening describing the work of Involve to an old school friend. Quite political, but with no particular interest in participation, she challenged me to justify my…

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Community Engagement Webinars

As part of the Creative Councils programme Involve and NESTA hosted a series of free webinars on community engagement and related issues. Many of the Creative Councils projects are trying to connect Councils with the communities they serve in new and interesting ways. Each session included a presentation by an expert in the field, with opportunities…

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