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A constitution by the people of Britain

July 8, 2014 – Simon Burall

There's an interesting article in the Telegraph today. It asks whether a constitution for the UK would help "stop some of our ancient liberties being eroded by membership of the EU." This is interesting because Conservatives are often unsupportive of enshrining rights in a codified form such as a constitution. As the author of the…

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Policy makers are from Mars, citizens from Venus: designing effective public engagement

April 28, 2014 – Simon Burall

Summary: Designing public engagement processes and institutions from the perspective of citizens alone makes them easy for policy makers to ignore. We need to pay more attention to the needs of those making policy in order to design public engagement processes which make a difference.  I've just finished two fascinating Democratic Audit* posts exploring whether the…

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NHS Citizen

Published: April 28, 2014

NHS Citizen is a work in progress, but it will eventually be a participation infrastructure for NHS England, where participants can become citizens of the NHS, not just consumers of its services. Through NHS Citizen, people  will be able to hold the Board to account, set the agenda for discussions, and find others with shared…

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Published: January 9, 2014

Involve is part of the delivery consortium for Engage2020 -a project funded by the European Commission (DG Research). The project looks at research, innovation and related activities and asks how members of society are involved today, and perhaps more importantly how they could be in the future. Over the next year and a half the project will map…

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NHS democracy: some ideas

July 12, 2013 – Simon Burall

This post was written by Anthony Zacharzewski from Demsoc with help from Simon Burall. It first appeared on Demsoc's site. Budget pressure on the NHS, and in particular the need to save money and increase quality by closing and merging hospital services, makes the need for better democratic accountability in the NHS even more pressing. Sir David…

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Citizen engagement as an act of leadership

June 3, 2013 – Simon Burall

Open Policy making is one of the Government’s big ideas. The Public Administration Select Committee completed an inquiry into it last year, and has now just released its report. This post gives an initial reaction to this. This morning the Public Administration Select Committee released its eagerly (well by me anyway) report following its inquiry…

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