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Naoimi Hall, Volunteer Youth corps Guyana presenting from lectern

Young voices shaping society in Guyana

April 14, 2011 – Thea Shahrokh

My recent experiences in ‘the land of many waters’ have taken me on a fascinating journey; from the first ever involvement of civil society organisations in Guyana’s Republic Day celebrations, to researching community participation within the highest village of the least accessible region of Guyana. During this period of discovery, my eyes have been opened…

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Local Society 2011

March 14, 2011 – Involve Web Editor

The report draws out the main points that developed over the course of the Local Society seminar. The seminar was organised by Involve, Urban Forum and Local Government Leadership and took place on 4 February 2011. It brought together leaders from across sectors - local government, central government, civil society and business - who are…

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e-democracy 2010

Date: 02 Dec 2010

Future Democracy 2010, 02 December, London - Registration discount code below ‘Crowdsourcing', citizen engagement, consultation and community participation are all on the agenda on 2 December at the UK's leading annual conference on ‘e-democracy'- Future Democracy '10. This year's programme covers all aspects of the use of the internet to boost democratic participation, from ‘crowdsourcing'…

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Shifting our perspective: Can participation be designed?

February 9, 2011 – Tim Hughes

Do people have the time to participate?  This question has received a significant amount of attention recently thanks to the Big Society.  But rather than drawing attention to and developing an important area for discussion, the debate seems to have descended into opposing sides shouting "Yes!" or "No!" with ever greater ferocity. The problem, I…

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What the public say: public engagement in national decision-making

July 14, 2010 – Involve Web Editor

The paper written by Involve on behalf of Sciencewise-ERC provides an evaluation of the experiences of citizens who have taken part in public dialogue processes, and puts forward a number of recommendations in response. The paper considers what citizens have said about engagement with a particular focus on how engagement should be incorporated into governance structures. It…

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Talking for a Change

April 6, 2010 – Involve Web Editor

This report sets out the need for a distributed dialogue approach to complex issues, such as climate change and the ageing society. The nature of the challenges that governments are dealing with have changed - they are now much less simple, less bounded and more intractable. From climate change and the ageing population, through to…

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