This month, Brexit has exposed again the limitations of our political system - unable to tackle complex issues, focused on winning the argument rather than bridging divides, and unwilling to promote dialogue and a shared way forward. It doesn't need to be like this.

At Involve, we're showing decision makers how diverse groups of ordinary people can come together, find common ground and inform ways forward on challenging topics from youth mental health services to funding adult social care.

In this month's newsletter, check out how we've put people at the heart of developing effective policy on the future of agricultural spending and the ethics of artificial intelligence. Finally, come join us at the Imagine! Belfast Festival - details below.


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Report: How to stimulate effective public debate on the ethics of artificial intelligence

Today Involve are pleased to publish our report: How to Stimulate Effective Public Engagement on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (pdf, 599kB)

Artificial Intelligence technologies are already having major impacts on people's lives across the world. This report explores what meaningful public engagement around artificial intelligence and ethics could look like so the public can have a say in shaping these technologies in the future. The findings are based on three roundtables conducted in Autumn 2018 in partnership with DeepMind.


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Rural Priorities in Scotland

Recently we ran a Citizens' Forum for Scottish Government to find out public attitudes and values towards agriculture, environment and rural priorities. Participants also discussed preferences for any future policy that could replace Common Agricultural Policy payments after Brexit. Find out more.


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Join us in Belfast for Democracy Day!

This Friday we will be in Belfast talking about the Citizens’ Assembly for Northern Ireland, as part of the Imagine! Festival. Join us and other speakers to discuss the health of democracy and what needs to be done to reinvigorate it.

You can still get tickets here.


Whose Government Is It?

Check out this new book about the lastest discussions on civic engagement and democratic reform from Bristol University Press. It brings together leading figures, including our Senior Associate Simon Burrall, to show why and how better state-citizen cooperation is needed to achieve positive social change.

You can buy a copy of the book from the Bristol University Press website.