What we do

Involve develops opportunities for engagement, collaboration and accountability that work for both citizens and organisations.

Our work covers three areas, all focused on the practical reality of public participation:

  1. Better practice – in engagement strategy, design and delivery
  2. New thinking – through research, evaluation and advocacy
  3. Greater capacity – with training, mentoring and advice

Better practice

Involve works closely with organisations to support every stage of the engagement process.  We have over 10 years’ experience working with national and local government, public services and others to give people a say in decisions which affect their lives.  Our approach recognises that there is no “one size fits all model” to participation.

  • Strategy – we work closely with decision makers to develop strategies for effective public engagement.  Based on our nine steps approach, we support organisations to consider the essential elements needed to ensure that public participation has impact.
  • Design – we draw on our extensive knowledge of deliberative and participatory methods, such as citizen juries, citizens assemblies, and open space.  We use our understanding of national and international best practice to design engagement processes that are tailored to the needs of citizens and organisations.
  • Delivery – we develop and deliver inclusive, creative and energising ways to explore issues with citizens.  Involve has a team of trained facilitators with experience of facilitating events of all sizes.  We particularly specialise in engaging the public on complex and/or controversial issues.


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New thinking

Involve is the UK’s leading authority on public participation.  We are rooted in both the theory and practice of participation. We build on evidence and experience from the UK and internationally about how to enable effective public engagement.

  • Research – we carry out cutting edge research on why and when participation works, and when it doesn’t.  We explore the practice of participation and its role in strengthening democracy, identify and write case studies, conduct horizon-scanning exercises and develop governance indicators and assessments.
  • Evaluation – we evaluate and review engagement strategies and processes.  We learn from engagement processes in the UK and internationally, and conduct assessments of organisations’ approaches to public and stakeholder engagement.
  • Advocacy – we advocate for open and participatory government.  We partner with multilateral organisations, civil society, politicians and civil servants to make the case for the importance of meaningful public engagement in policy making and service delivery.

Greater capacity

Involve gives bespoke support to organisations to increase their capacity to engage citizens and stakeholders.  We provide practical advice, mentoring and training on all aspects of public participation.

  • Advice –  We support public servants at all levels to embed effective engagement, from ensuring that engagement is properly linked into decision making processes, to selecting the right participation method and delivering more effective consultation.
  • Mentoring – We provide in depth mentoring to senior officials and others to support them to develop effective engagement strategies, processes and practices in their organisation.
  • Training – We deliver training on planning, facilitating and evaluating public participation.  We build the skills and capabilities needed for organisations to feel confident in engaging the public, including on complex and controversial topics.


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