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Published on March 18, 2006

Better Together: Improving consultation with the third sector

Past projects

In November 2008, Involve, The Office of the Third Sector and Children England launched a report and handbook to help civil servants engage the third sector in decision making.

This guidance accompanies new research by Involve on effective and innovative ways of working with the third sector. The report was itself the product of a partnership between government and the sector, and was funded and commissioned by the Office of the Third Sector and Children England, an umbrella organisation for third sector organisations working with children, young people and their families. The research, which involved over 200 participants from the third and the public sectors, was carried out by Involve and Guidestar Data Services over a six month period.

This research illustrates how third sector organisations can influence the debate about local needs and can provide unique perspectives and insights as to how those needs are addressed. It also encourages an environment in which the third sector can work in partnership with government, and can campaign for change, whilst retaining its independent voice.

Link to report and handbook

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