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Published on March 19, 2006

Efficiency Savings Through Engagement

Past projects

The biggest challenge facing the UK public sector in the coming years will be the large cuts in public service spending.

Involve has been working with a number of Councils, Health Trusts, Central Government Departments and other Public Bodies to develop value for money approaches for engagement. We believe that good engagement, consultation and devolution of power is an opportunity and not a luxury during the recession. Involve is helping government at every level make the most more limited budgets for engagement.

For example, Involve has been:

  • Working with Councils like Haringey, Kensington & Chelsea and Bath and North East Somerset and with Primary Care Trusts like Westminster PCT to audit current engagement activities, develop joint engagement strategies and engagement audits that minimise duplication across partner agencies and that make the most of valuable citizen information and customer insight data.
  • Building the internal capacity through training and mentoring of staff in councils such as Sutton, Barnet, and Harrow as well as departments such as the Home Office and DFID to ensure that they can deliver more activities in house, reducing external costs.
  • Delivering a wide array of relevant and cost effective training in partnership with The Consultation Institute.
  • Exploring how public engagement can help build public acceptance and ownership of the tough spending choices public bodies will face going forward. This builds on Involve’s work with the States of Jersey on the ageing society and on our work on Participatory Budgeting with the Arts Council.

Contact Involve’s Head of Practice: Edward Andersson / 020 7920 6472 for more information on how we can help you.

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