Published on March 19, 2006

Involve and LGID Informal Engagement in Health Guidance

Past projects

Involve and the LGIDs Healthy Communities Programme worked together to support Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Councils in engaging their local communities in health strategies. Involve also developed guidance for councils wishing to engage informally with its citzens on health matters.

We have produced a piece of practical guidance to help practitioners plan and deliver health focused engagement events that combine a community fun day with appropriate engagement methods: an informal engagement event.

This guide enables practitioners to run active and exciting forms of engagement that incorporate drop-in/drop-out activities in ways that are tailored to the needs of different communities.

This guidance provides practical support on how to develop and plan informal engagement events. It is a set of guidelines rather than a strict blueprint. Any successful public engagement activity must be designed to suit the local context in which it occurs. What works for one event or one community may be inappropriate for others.

Local government is key to improving the health of local people and tackling health inequalities. The LGID is working with local partners to agree health needs and priorities for the future. Local authorities have a unique ability to reach into their community: most of the services they provide have an impact on the health of that community.

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