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Published on March 19, 2006

Involve Responds

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Newspapers, TV, radio and bloggers have devoted considerable comment and analysis about the MPs expenses scandal. Much of this has been about the outrage that the public feels about what some MPs have been claiming on the public purse and how the expenses system needs to change as a result. The debate has widened quickly to look more broadly at systemic reform in order to reconnect the public with their elected representatives.

In two related pieces:

Richard Wilson argues that Westminster Based politicians can not solve the crisis that they have created. Cameron, Clegg & Johnson are saying we need a revolution but are proposing evolutionary changes. We do need a revolution but that does not start with a conversation on minor constitutional change; and

Simon Burall, Director, looks beyond the process of reform to argue for a complete change in the way Parliament relates to the public, particularly in relation to complex decisions where the government has no clear mandate for action.

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