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Published on October 30, 2009

UK Youth Climate Coalition participate in a deliberative process about climate change

On the 25th October Involve ran a deliberative process about climate change with 15 members of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. The exercise examined the visions for the future of this selection of the UK’s youth representatives going to the COP15 summit in Copenhagen.

The group were asked what they would like the world to look like in 2030. After working through a number of discussions three themes were prioritised as the core areas for effecting change with regards to the to the climate agenda. These were Global Justice, a Green Economy and Stronger Communities. The group explained that they prioritised these particular remits, as by moving towards more of a green focus on these issues the foundations would be set for then sustainable agriculture, energy and transport for example to become a reality. The group then took time to critically self-examine how these aims could realistically be achieved.

The results from this session will be analysed in full in a policy report on citizen deliberation and its influences that will be released in the build up to the COP15 summit. Please watch this space…

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