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Published on April 28, 2010

Northern Ireland Office Support

Past projects

By Amy Deerans

Amy worked as an intern at Involve in early 2011 and has now left. Among other things, she assisted in the maintenance of the Involve website and was responsible for writing up case studies of Involve projects.

The devolution of powers from London to Belfast in 2010 resulted in significant changes in policy governance. For the first time since 1972, the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive would be held responsible for policing and justice decisions.  Involve was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Office’s Business Development Unit to provide training to equip senior civil servants with the necessary skills to engage local communities in the policy making process.

Involve designed and delivered a bespoke training course that took part in two sessions. A half day “Public Engagement Master Class” for senior civil servants was held at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland. The master class aimed at building an understanding and sense of ownership of public engagement. A series of in-depth practical workshops was then held for the civil servants who would be responsible for delivering engagement processes.

The training event stimulated the use of innovative engagement practises on the ground. Civil servants increased their capabilities through stakeholder mapping and developed a greater awareness of practical methods in which to engage citizens in.

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Case study Northern Ireland Office Support

Image used: Stormont by Etrusia UK

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