Published on March 19, 2011

NCCPE – Embedding engagement

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NCCPE – Embedding engagement in higher education institutions

Involve was commissioned by The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) to design and develop toolkits for senior managers and staff of higher education institutions, in order to help embed public engagement within their organisations.The resulting practitioners’ toolkit and managers’ toolkit can now be found online.

The NCCPE is part of the Beacons for Public Engagement Scheme, which was set up in 2007 to create a culture within UK Higher Education where public engagement is formalized and embedded as a valued and recognized activity for both students and staff at all levels.

The NCCPE is developing a Manifesto for Public Engagement which senior managers can sign to show their commitment to embedding engagement into the work of their institution. Two toolkits will sit alongside the manifesto to inspire and equip managers and staff to put their commitment into practice. These will provide practical tools, case studies and resources to inspire and equip university managers and staff to make public engagement part of their work.

Involve helped to produce a self assessment tool for senior managers allowing them to plot where their institution sits on a maturity matrix and identify where their aspirations lie. The practitioners’ toolkit provides staff and students with information and resources to help support their public engagement work. The development of these toolkits wasinformed by a series of consultations with senior managers and staff from a wide range of higher education institutions.

The Manifesto and the toolkits was launched at the NCCPE Engagement Conference, the 7th of December 2010.

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