Published on July 13, 2011

States of Jersey Health and Social Services review

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By Ingrid Prikken

Ingrid Prikken is Project Manager at Involve. Her work is focused on project design and management, facilitation and research. Her research covers embedding public engagement in government and citizen participation in challenging issues.

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Involve was commissioned by Health and Social Services of the States of Jersey to analyse  and report on the responses to Jersey’s public consultation on the Green paper, ‘Caring for each other, caring for ourselves’.

The State of Jersey commissioned a  review of how services are provided today, what challenges are around the corner, and what steps will be required to ensure that the provision of good quality care can be continued. This review has been shared in a public consultation to understand what the public think about these options.

About the issues

In 30 years time the make-up of Jersey will be different from today. An ageing population will place significant additional demand on the Jersey health and social care services. According to the review, if the health services will be delivered in the current way, there will not be enough beds and facilities or staff to treat Jersey residents on the island in the very near future. ‘Doing nothing’ is not an option.

The consultation collected views on the decisions that need to be taken based on three scenarios for the way care services could be provided in the future:

  1. Scenario One: “Business as usual” – we keep the same structure for providing services as we have today, and increase spending so that services can be provided to meet growing demand.
  2. Scenario Two: “A small increase in funding” – we keep funding almost the same, and provide what services we can within this budget and accept that many services will be subject to ‘means testing’.
  3. Scenario Three: “A new model for health and social care” – we change the way services are provided. For every option, the review assessed whether it would be safe and affordable for Jersey.

The review concluded that a new model of care is required for Jersey and suggested that the third option is the most viable one. The purpose of the public consultation was to allow the people of Jersey to contribute their thoughts on all three scenarios and to check which direction that the people of Jersey want to go in.

About the project

Involve collated and analysed the consultation responses which were gathered from Individuals, Businesses, Health and Social Care groups and other stakeholder organisations, and charities. The consultation methods included: an online questionnaire, paper questionnaire, written letters and emails, and, transcripts of public meetings and focus groups. The analysis of consultation responses resulted in a brief report.

The public consultation will inform the next stage of this work. The final decision will be made by the elected politicians of the States of Jersey balancing up the facts, and the views expressed by the public through this consultation.

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