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Published on October 9, 2011

Environment Agency Stakeholder Training

Past projects

By Kaitlyn Pisaruk

Team Coordinator / Project Officer

Involve is part of the consortium carrying out a Stakeholder Training framework contract for Environment Agency. The consortium is lead by InterAct Networks. The other partners are Collingwood Environmental Planning and Dialogue by Design.

The team has been contracted to work with the Environment Agency to:

  • Provide a range of capacity building interventions (including training, mentoring, coaching, action learning, online learning materials, seminars) to meet capacity building needs across the Environment Agency business;
  • Maintain and build the Working with Others knowledge base and practice which underpins the Environment Agency’s approach to stakeholder engagement;
  • Capture evaluation, learning and insights relating to both organizational issues which impact on the ability to mainstream Working with Others and capacity building interventions.

The contract started in October 2011 and is initially for a period of one year.

For more information please contact Ingrid Prikken – Project Manager at Involve.

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