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Published on March 20, 2013

Clive Mitchell joins Involve

By Clive Mitchell

Clive Mitchell is Head of Operations at Involve.

Clive Mitchell black and whiteI’m thrilled and proud to be joining Involve as Programme Manager. Having worked alongside my colleagues at Involve for the last year or so as Local Government Associate, I’m really looking forward to contributing as one of the staff.

A little bit about me: I’ve long been interested in citizen participation and engagement, and the ways in which power and legitimacy flow between ‘ordinary’ people and their governments. I’m a fairly straightforward democrat – the people are sovereign – but for me this is about much more than just the bargepole of occasional voting. It is plain good governance to actively engage and involve your citizens.

I started off my professional life in Environmental Health in local government – looking down blocked drains, promoting food safety (having washed my hands first), and tackling the worst of some appalling housing conditions (and this was London in the 1990s, and probably still is). I joined the Audit Commission in 2001 where I had various roles including lead inspector and regional lead for the Commission’s work on democratic renewal and public sector partnership working. I did my Master’s dissertation on citizen participation in local authority decision making, based on original research across England’s local authorities.

For the last couple of years I’ve been freelance, and examples of my work here include undertaking a strategic review of public participation for East Staffordshire Borough Council and working with a team of colleagues to set up Local Healthwatch in Derbyshire.

One of the things I’ll be doing at Involve is adding some strategic capacity to the organisation, both in terms of programme management and also helping to consolidate and extend our work with partners. I’m looking forward to meeting our friends, clients and networks. Please do get in touch!

-Clive Mitchell

2 Responses to “Clive Mitchell joins Involve”

  1. April 1, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Hi Clive
    Congratulations on your new role, I hope you enjoy it.
    I’m also based in the West Midlands (work in Dudley, frequent independent coffee shops in Birmingham) and would welcome opportunities to find out more about Involve’s activities and your work with Involve. I’m also helping colleagues to set up Healthwatch Dudley (I’m leading on the engagement side of things) so perhaps we could compare notes!
    Some bits and bobs we’ve been doing in Dudley around Inspiring Democracy are here and here, though to be honest I’m feeling weary with it, as the whole process got sucked back in by the local authority and opportunities for collaboration and more deliberative engagement were overlooked in the first stages of new activity. Things may improve in the future, I’m probably being impatient, but for me every meeting run badly feels like an insult to citizens as well as a missed opportunity.

    • Clive Mitchell
      Clive Mitchell
      April 23, 2013 at 8:55 am

      Thanks for the good wishes Lorna. It would be good to compare notes about your work in Dudley – I’ll be in touch!
      Best regards

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