Published on January 10, 2014

Sciencewise programme


By Annie Quick

Annie Quick is Researcher and Team Coordinator. She has a background in different methods of deliberation and participation and in youth democracy.

Involve are working in partnership with Ricardo AEA and the British Science Association to deliver the Sciencewise programme.

Sciencewise is funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. It helps the government engage with the public on policy issues involving science and technology, providing co-funding, guidance, advice, training and mentoring on projects to bring in the public voice. Sciencewise is unique internationally for supporting public dialogue on complex policy issues from within government itself, and was selected as the UK nomination for the Open Government Awards 2014.

Involve’s responsibility lies in the areas of thought leadership, capacity building and embedding engagement across government. With the other partners, we are also responsible for helping to determine the strategic direction of the programme.

Our specific areas of work include:

  • Thought leadership and research: Delivering a variety of thought leadership pieces and research which highlight to policy makers the value of dialogue and the innovations and practice in the field.
  • Cross-cutting issues: Bringing together people from across government to explore how the public voice might add value to cross-cutting policy issues such as data and regulation.
  • Delivering training and mentoring: Providing hands on support for those across government who want to understand and deliver dialogue and participation.
  • Citizen voice: Designing and supporting effective ways of bringing citizen perspectives into key strategic decisions on the Sciencewise programme itself.

The programme is running from 2012 – 2015. More information can be found on the Sciencewise website.

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