Date: 20 Mar 2014

Open Government Partnership Webinar Series

OGPOn 20th March 10am – 11.30am, our Researcher, Tim Hughes, will be speaking on Citizen Engagament, Giving Guidance and Sharing Experience for OGP Action Plans.

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Citizen engagement is at the core of open government. Data and information are important, but citizens must feel and empowered to voice their opinions, and governments should actively seek to engage the public in decision making.

Governments and public agencies face a challenge in developing mechanisms and changing organizational cultures to engage citizens. What are the steps that governments can and are taking as part of their OGP Action Plans?

This webinar, which draws on the Citizen Engagement topic from the Open Government Guide ( ) looks at steps that governments can take, including;

• Involve citizens in assessing the institutions of government and identifying priorities for reform
• Create an enabling environment for civil society organizations
• Use of digital tools to engage with the public
• Develop a compact with civil society
• Engage citizens in deliberation on a priority issue
• Establish legislation and guidelines on public consultation
• Establish a center of expertise and resources for citizen engagement
• Establish citizen engagement as a core competency of government officials
• Establish mechanisms to engage children and young people
• Prototype new approaches to citizen participation

Tim will be joined by Sandra Pernar, Expert Advisor in the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfCNGOs).

Speakers Biography

Tim HughesTim Hughes is a Researcher at Involve, with expertise in public participation and open government. Tim currently coordinates the UK OGP civil society network, leading the engagement of civil society organizations with the development of the UK’s 2013-2015 OGP National Action Plan. Tim has written extensively on topics and recently authored the Citizen Engagement topic and co-authored the Public Services topic of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative’s Open Government Guide.




Sandra PernarSandra Pernar is Expert Advisor in the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfCNGOs), working on implementation of the National Strategy for Creating and Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development and Action Plan for the Implementation of Open Government Partnership Initiative in the Republic of Croatia. For two years, Sandra served as the Executive Director of GONG, a Civil Society Organization



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