Published on September 12, 2014

Letter to the Times: What would Scotland’s place in the world be?

People & participation Scotland

By Simon Burall

Simon Burall is a Senior Associate of Involve. He has extensive experience in the fields of democratic reform, governance, public participation, stakeholder engagement, and accountability and transparency.

On 10 September, Involve joined other leading organisations in writing to the Times to call for a UK wide constitutional convention.

Sir, The narrowing of the polls has led to a cascade of promises from the unionist political parties. Whatever the result of the vote, we need to decide where power in this country (or countries) should lie. It is time for a UK-wide constitutional convention, on the lines of recent conventions in Ireland and Iceland, that gives citizens a say in shaping the future. Such a process needs the support of all the political parties, but it must retain its independence from them. Above all, a UK constitutional convention must build on the passion ignited in Scotland by the referendum, and bring that desire for determining our political future to the rest of the UK.

Katie Ghose, chief executive, Electoral Reform Society; Prof Vernon Bogdanor, King’s College London; Alexandra Runswick, director, Unlock Democracy; Graham Allen MP, chairman, Political and Constitutional Reform Committee; Prof Patrick Dunleavy, Co-Director, Democratic Audit; Dr Alan Renwick, Reading University; Prof Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield; Dr Andrew Blick, King’s College London; Nan Sloane, director, Centre for Women and Democracy; Anthony Zacharzewski, director, Democratic Society; Prof Roger Scully, University of Cardiff; Prof Yvonne Galligan, Queen’s University Belfast; Prof Graham Walker, Queen’s University Belfast; Graeme MacDonald, director, Solace; David Torrance, journalist; Anthony Barnett, Open Democracy; Prof Laura McAllister, University of Liverpool; Emma Ritch, director, Engender Scotland; Simon Burall, director, Involve


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    Hi, is this letter also online somewhere people can see it without logging into The Times?


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