Published on November 26, 2014

Social media and local political representation: a game changer or all hype? Watch the video

People & participation

By Sonia Bussu

Dr Sonia Bussu is a researcher at Involve. She is passionate about increasing citizen voice in public policy (so much so that she did a PhD on the topic) and over the past few years she has been involved in several research projects on citizen participation in policy-making.

Did you miss our event on Social media and local political representation? Or did you enjoy it so much you want to relive it? You can watch it here.

The event was conceived as a facilitated conversation between local political actors, civil society practitioners and academics to discuss some key questions and draw lessons:

  • What are the implications of greater use of digital and social media for the relationship between councillors and citizens? Does it change the way representatives work and the way we understand responsiveness? Does it disrupt established practices and institutions? Or is it all hype?
  • Will new technologies widen the political space or increase populism? Will they create new forms of inequality in accessing power – whoever shouts (tweets?!) more?
  • What new types of representatives are empowered?
  • How does this new unmediated interaction influence constituents’ perception of their local representatives?What lessons can be learnt from case studies in the UK and abroad

The event led to the creation of an online community on Rewiring Local Democracy. Join the conversation here

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