Published on January 6, 2015

Top Involve blogposts of 2014

By Josephine Suherman-Bailey

Josephine is a Policy Analyst at Involve. She supports Involve's work on the UK Open Government Partnership civil society network and Sciencewise. She is especially interested in opening up decision-making to those who might otherwise struggle to be heard by policy-makers.


Which Involve blogs have you enjoyed this year? We couldn’t begin 2015 without a look back over last year’s most popular blogs!

In the lead is Amy Pollard on the unexpected barriers to more open policy making and public dialogue, identified through our event with the Cabinet Office’s Open Policy Making team. The list also features Simon Burall on the importance of paying attention to the needs of policy-makers, not just the public, when designing public engagement processes; Sonia Bussu on whether technology and democracy are friends or foes; and Tim Hughes on the Open Government Guide.


1. Are 99% of open government experts barking up the wrong tree?

2. Public engagement, not just about the public

3. Policy makers are from Mars, citizens from Venus: designing effective public engagement

4. Can you hear me? Citizens, Climate Change & Open Local Government

5. NHS Citizen

6. Tools for Civic Activism

7. Civic Activism Tools and Methods: Help Needed

8. On technology and democracy

9. NHS Citizen: Designing democracy in the light

10. Open Government Guide: Citizen Engagement & Public Services


Picture credit: Christian Schnettelker

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