Published on February 20, 2015

We want an agenda-setting process: Can citizens’ jury do the job? | NHS Citizen

NHS Citizen

By Sonia Bussu

Dr Sonia Bussu is a researcher at Involve. She is passionate about increasing citizen voice in public policy (so much so that she did a PhD on the topic) and over the past few years she has been involved in several research projects on citizen participation in policy-making.

The NHS Citizen team will be running a test to see whether a citizens’ jury can be an effective and fair way of prioritising the issues for the Assembly Meeting. The test will take place the first week of March. We’ll be blogging over the next few weeks to explain more about the test, the questions we’ll be exploring, and how we’ll be sharing the learning from the test. So do visit the NHS Citizen project blog for more: we welcome all your comments!

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