Published on February 20, 2015

What you’ll see at the end of March (design phase) | NHS Citizen

NHS Citizen

By Emily Graham

Emily is Project Coordinator at Involve. Working primarily on NHS Citizen, Emily is committed to the importance of people’s participation in building a transparent, accountable and more inclusive democracy.

We’ve had a busy year exploring and developing NHS Citizen. In that time our thinking has developed as we’ve collaborated with citizens and health professionals.

This has taken time and there’s lots more to do, but we want to share with you where we are. NHS England commissioned this first design stage, which comes to an end in March, when we’ll deliver a working model for NHS Citizen. So, at that time, we’ll be sharing the current working model for NHS Citizen, including the design principles, the technology prototypes we’ve got so far, tools to support the model and all the research behind it.

To do this, at the end of March 2015, we’ll be re-launching the website, giving it a major update and bring together lots of information about NHS Citizen – so you can see what it is and how it works. All of the design history will still be there, but you’ll be able to find out a lot more information about NHS Citizen.

…And so we’re looking for a copy editor

In order to do all of this work, we’re looking for a copy editor who is experienced in editing and preparing writing of an academic nature for a wider, public readership.

You will need to edit documents for publication to a website, with work to start in late February and finish in mid-March.

The documents will range from 500 to 2,000 word pieces. They will require editing for style and to ensure they are accessible to as wide an audience of readers as possible. (More guidance on this will be provided.)

Those interested in quoting for the work will need to provide details of previous similar commission, including direction to some online examples of your work and details of availability from late February to the end of March. We expect the editing work to start on or around the 1st of March and the work to take approximately two weeks. Please email for more information.

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