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Published on July 25, 2017

VACANCY: Network and Campaign Lead

By Tim Hughes

Tim is director of Involve. He took over leadership of the organisation in January 2017, having previously led Involve’s open government programme and the UK Open Government Network (OGN).

We have an exciting new vacancy at Involve! Could you be our Network and Campaign Lead?

Salary: £30,000 – £35,000 (fte)

Location: Bethnal Green, London

Hours: Full time (part-time considered)

Application deadline: Midday, 21st August 2017

Involve is looking for an exceptional individual to develop and lead our new parliamentary and political strategy, and coalition building.  This is a somewhat new role and area of focus for us at Involve, so we’re looking for someone with the experience, skills and drive to take it and make it their own.  Working to Involve’s director, you will have significant autonomy and opportunity to shape how we realise this critical new element of our work.

To succeed, you will be an experienced and exceptional campaigner, used to putting together and implementing parliamentary and political strategies, and building diverse coalitions for change. As importantly, you will be keen to spend a significant amount of your time in supporting the development of the UK Open Government Network – a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations campaigning for more transparent, participatory and accountable government – to fulfill its potential as a driver for political and democratic reform.

Download the Job Description.

Download the Application Form.

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom

01. About Involve

Involve is a charity and think tank established in 2003 to improve the quality of democracy between elections.  We want to build a democracy that works for everyone – that gives people real power to effect change in their lives, communities and beyond.

We believe our political system is lacking three essential qualities of democracy:

  • Openness – The public should be able to understand, influence and hold decisions-makers to account for the actions and inactions of their governments;
  • Participation – People should have the freedom, support and opportunity to shape their communities and influence the decisions that affect their lives;
  • Deliberation – A key role of democracy is exchanging and acknowledging different perspectives, understanding conflict and finding common ground, and building a shared vision for society.

We believe that these qualities of democracy are essential for solving 21st century challenges – including extreme inequality, the impacts of globalisation, climate change, rapid technological development and the pressures of an aging society – and for achieving a more equal distribution of political power.

Involve is embarking on implementing an ambitious new strategy to change the way democracy is practiced in the UK to make it more more open, participatory and deliberative.

Under this new strategy, our work spans three areas:

  1. Agenda setting – We are responding to the current political context and setting-out a vision for an open, participatory and deliberative democracy, and how to get there.
  2. Coalition building – We are building, supporting and coordinating broad, unexpected and powerful coalitions of allies to shape and advocate for a new vision for democracy.
  3. Participation practice – We support and undertake world class public participation practice and research, particularly where it can be used to build the case and pressure for wider change.

We are recruiting for a key role in delivering this new strategy.

02. About the role

Key responsibilities

1. Developing and implementing Involve’s parliamentary and political strategy (40%)

  • Developing, coordinating, and leading the implementation of, Involve’s parliamentary and political strategy;
  • Devising strategic, impactful and targeted activities that are realistic in terms of aims and resources (budget, capacity etc), and are focused on  the achievement of Involve’s parliamentary, political and wider aims;
  • Communicating and collaborating with MPs, Ministers, civil servants, civil society organisations, and other stakeholders.

2. Leading and developing Involve’s coalitions and networks (40%)

    • Mobilising and engaging network members to identify shared goals, and developing and implementing advocacy strategies;
    • Strengthening the network, including by conducting targeted outreach to build and diversify network membership;
    • Developing and coordinating network governance and internal communications;
    • Providing the secretariat to the Open Government Network steering committee;
    • Developing and implementing communication plans to build the network’s profile among key audiences;
    • Organising and facilitating network meetings, workshops and events;
    • Engaging with civil servants, Ministers, MPs and other stakeholders in the UK’s membership of the Open Government Partnership;
    • Curating and sharing information with network members and wider audiences;
    • Drafting policy proposals, briefing papers, reports, articles and other media in partnership with network members;
    • Connecting and sharing learning with international partners.
  • Leading the development of the Reframe Network – a group of facilitation and community practitioners that Involve convened following the EU referendum to explore the role of facilitation and community development in tackling the issues of polarisation and disconnection.
  • Building Involve’s wider coalition of allies, in political institutions, civil society, the media, academia and facilitation practice, in support of Involve’s parliamentary, political and wider organisational strategy.

3. Project management for networks and campaigns (10%)

  • Creating project plans, managing multiple workstreams and ensuring that complex deliverables are delivered to time and budget;
  • Generating and overseeing project budgets and invoices;
  • Liaising with clients, funders and partners;
  • Preparing project reports.

4. Fundraising for networks and campaigns (10%)

  • Identifying and scoping out project ideas;
  • Developing funding proposals;
  • Liaising with funders.

Other relevant duties may be undertaken as agreed with line manager.

Key competencies

Essential competencies

Applicants must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Exceptional campaigner, able to lead and deliver impactful parliamentary and political strategies, with an excellent understanding of the workings of parliament and party politics;
  • Strong networker, able to build and manage relationships with a range of people – from activists and civil society groups to senior civil servants, Ministers and MPs – and mobilise unexpected and powerful coalitions for change;
  • Shrewd communicator, able to make reliable judgements about which messages should have priority, what level of detail is appropriate, and how to adapt communications for specific audiences;
  • Astute entrepreneur, able to develop and execute creative new ideas, and build impactful new projects and coalitions that fit Involve’s strategy;
  • Engaging writer, who is equally comfortable authoring well-tailored blog posts and articles for key media and party political sites, and writing pithy and well-pitched political briefings;
  • Excellent project manager, able to provide robust management of project finances, budgets and reporting;
  • Committed team player, embodying our values of collaboration, equality and purpose, and passionate about furthering Involve’s vision of a democracy that works for everyone.

Desirable competencies

The following competencies are desirable:

  • Able to develop fundraising bids, with a clear link to strategy;
  • Able to lead the design and facilitation of events;
  • Understanding of relevant subject areas, including open government and democratic reform.

Practical Information

Job title: Network and Campaign Lead

Pay: £30,000 – £35,000 (fte)

Hours: Full time – 35 hours a week – or part-time considered

Start Date: As soon as possible

Location: Involve, 18 Victoria Park Square, London, E2 9PF

Reporting to:   Director

Flexible working arrangements will be considered.


Involve is an equal opportunities employer and, true to our mission, we take inclusion in the workplace seriously.  The following benefits are available to staff:

  • Annual training budget of £1,000
  • Workplace pension with employer contributions of 3%
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Phone/data allowance of £13.50 per month
  • An enhanced maternity leave package (14 weeks full pay, followed by 8 weeks of 50% pay; followed by 17 weeks of statutory maternity pay; followed by up to 13 weeks unpaid) for qualifying employees
  • An enhanced paternity leave package (14 weeks full pay, followed by 8 weeks of 50% pay; followed by 17 weeks of statutory paternity pay; followed by up to 13 weeks unpaid) for qualifying employees

03. Making an Application

Candidates must submit a CV and a completed application form.   

  1. The CV should be no more than two sides of A4. The CV should include:
    1. A full education history from GCSE (equivalent) onwards including dates
    2. A full employment history, stating whether employment has been paid or voluntary
    3. An indication of interests and activities outside education and work.
  2. The application form can be downloaded from our website.

Key points

  • Any CVs that are over 2 sides and any application forms that include answers that are over the specified word limit may be automatically discounted depending on the volume of applications.
  • We appreciate it when candidates merge their CVs and application forms into a single file document.
  • Candidates invited to interview will use their CV and the application form to demonstrate their ability to perform the role, using examples from their career and volunteering experience to-date.
  • Candidates are unlikely to be invited to interview if they: state they meet the criteria without providing supporting examples and evidence; or ignore the application instructions above.
  • This post is only open to applicants who have the right to work in the UK.

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

Please send applications to

Application deadline: Midday, 21st August 2017.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified no later than Friday 25th August 2017.

Interviews will be held on Thursday 31st August.

Download the Job Description.

Download the Application Form.

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