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Published on May 18, 2018

Decision time for the Citizens’ Assembly on Social Care

Citizens' Assembly on Social Care

By Tim Hughes

Tim is director of Involve. He took over leadership of the organisation in January 2017, having previously led Involve’s open government programme and the UK Open Government Network (OGN).

There’s more than one significant national event taking place this weekend.  Starting this evening and ending on Sunday afternoon, the Citizens’ Assembly on Social Care will meet for the second and final time to deliberate and make recommendations on how adult social care in England should be funded long-term.

This follows on from a successful first weekend at the end of April. During that weekend, expert contributors with a range of perspectives presented their views on how adult social care should be funded and Assembly Members began to think about what the most important considerations are for making a decision.

This weekend will be focused on deliberation and decision-making.  

This evening will start by addressing any unanswered questions from the first weekend. A final panel of speakers will talk to the Assembly Members about the experience of using the social care system. Tracey Lazard (Chief Executive, Inclusion London) will set up the panel, talking about disability and independent living, alongside two speakers talking about their own experiences of the social care system.

From Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, assembly members will discuss and make recommendations about some of the key issues and tensions in the social care debate:

  • What principles should underpin how social care is funded?
  • (How) should we differentiate between health and social care?
  • What public and private financing options are preferable?
  • And what should be the balance between public and private financing?

On Saturday evening, the Assembly Members will hear from Sarah Wollaston MP and Clive Betts MP, the Chairs of the two select committees, about how this Citizens’ Assembly fits with the evidence gathering for their inquiry.

As the Citizens’ Assembly draws to a close, the recommendations will be written up and reported to the two select committees to feed into their joint inquiry on how adult social care should be funded. A report from the Citizens’ Assembly will be published in the next few weeks, so keep watching this space…

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