Marth Cuffy


Martha has over twenty plus years as a multi-lingual executive coach, facilitator, and wellness architect. Her career has evolved from senior roles in marketing and financing technology to leadership development. 

She incorporates a body-centric approach to coaching, leadership development and wellbeing programmes. Her holistic approach makes her known for opening up untapped realms to shift communication dynamics, neutralise stress patterns, deepen body wisdom to restore vitality and humanity in leaders and teams. 

Martha also facilitates public participatory assemblies that encourage embracing conflict and equip participants with more effective relating and EQ skills.
Past clients include - pioneers in conservation and climate change awareness like Ocean Foundation,
Clinton Climate Initiative (Clinton Foundation), Carbon Coach, Nottingham Business School, BP, UBS, JP Morgan, Deloitte and National Bank of Dominica, BP, 02, CPS, Government of Dominica, and University of the West Indies. 

She has also lived, studied or delivered assignments in the UK, France, the Caribbean, Germany,
Norway, Austria, Turkey, India, Kenya, and USA. She speaks French and German. Member of
Association of Coaching (AOC), Diverse Executive Coaching Directory and a global learning
community focused on somatic abolitionism.