Juliet joined Involve in October 2020 as our second member of staff in Scotland. Her focus is on developing our work in Scotland including delivering public engagement projects, starting with Scotland’s Climate Assembly. 

Juliet’s previous experience includes running the Electoral Reform Society Scotland’s ‘Democracy Max’ inquiry into what makes a good Scottish democracy - a project which began with a ‘people’s gathering’ of around 100 people from across Scotland brought together ahead of the independence referendum in 2014. This exercise showcased the potential of people with diverse opinions to work together to develop a vision for the future, and introduced her to the potential of deliberative engagement to increase people’s trust in democracy and engage with political issues outside of party politics. 

Juliet has since worked at East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel, supporting tenants to participate in local council decision making about their area, and providing support to the team at Amnesty International in Scotland, including working with international human rights defenders and local activists.