Andrew Acland specialises in designing and facilitating dialogue and consultation processes in complex, multi-party, multi-issue contexts, often involving people with wildly differing worldviews and values.

He has also advised many private and public sector organisations on their public dialogue strategies, and as a founder director of Dialogue by Design he pioneered the use of the Internet for public consultation. He was a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist for Sciencewise, advising government departments on public dialogue around controversial science and technology from 2008-16, and remains External Examiner for the Partnership Brokers Association, which trains third parties to broker partnerships between different organisations to deliver educational and healthcare partnerships in many countries.

Andrew recently completed an MA in Jung and Post-Jungian Studies at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University, and is currently working on a PhD in the mediation of religious hatred and conflict at the University of Bristol.