Rebekah joined Involve as Senior Project Officer in April 2018. She is the first member of the Involve team to be based in Northern Ireland.

Her first project will be to develop a Citizens’ Assembly for Northern Ireland - a democratic innovation designed to put the views of Northern Irish citizens into the heart of decision making on an important regional issue.

Prior to joining Involve, Rebekah worked for 6 years in the voluntary sector in Northern Ireland, developing programmes and projects with a focus on community participation, education, and research.

Rebekah began her academic career with a degree in Marketing from Dublin Institute of Technology. Her undergraduate thesis looked at the phenomenon of ethical consumerism, an interest that eventually led her to pursue graduate studies in Anthropology. She graduated with a PG-Dip in Anthropology from Ireland’s Maynooth University in 2008. After conducting fieldwork in the US (New York City and the US-Mexico border regions), she undertook a PhD, funded by the Irish Research Council. Currently in its final stages, her thesis uses an ethnographic lens to understand the intersections of urban sustainability and social inclusion in two local contexts.

Outside of Involve, Rebekah is an active campaigner for more transparent and participatory urban planning in Belfast. For fun, she co-produces the podcast ‘The Infinite City’, which shares stories from Belfast of people and place.