Climate Assembly UK report launch – your invitation!

Published on

8 Sep 2020


We're excited to invite you to the launch of the recommendations of Climate Assembly UK on Thursday.

Climate Assembly UK will publish its report The Path to Net Zero on Thursday 10 September, with a live-streamed launch event on the Climate Assembly UK homepage beginning at 9am.

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The launch will include a speech from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma MP, thoughts from some Assembly members and responses from the Chairs of the commissioning committees.

Members at Climate Assembly UK

Climate Assembly UK was commissioned by six select committees of the House of Commons to understand public preferences on how to tackle climate change, specifically how to get to net-zero by 2050. 108 assembly members – made up of people from all walks of life – met over six weekends between January and May to hear evidence, discuss and reach recommendations on the UK's path to net zero.

The assembly heard from 47 speakers in total and received a special guest address by Sir David Attenborough. Recordings and transcripts of all presentations are available on the Climate Assembly UK website. Their recommendations will cover ten topics, including how we travel on land; how we travel by air; heat and energy use in the home; what we eat and how we use the land; what we buy; where our electricity comes from; greenhouse gas removals; and Covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero.