I think it is important for young people to be able to influence decision-making regarding youth mental health because it directly affects them and it is the young people who will be using the services. I would like young people's opinions to be taken into consideration when making decisions regarding young people's mental health and services as they are the people using the service.

MH:2K is important because it explores all areas of mental health, or mental issues that sometimes need to be talked about. It helps more people really understand what mental health is all about. As a Citizen Researcher I have gained further knowledge and confidence from MH:2K.  I have learnt more about mental health and the views surrounding it on a larger scale and gained confidence with public speaking. Youth mental health is an important topic because mental health affects everyone to an extent. In either a positive or negative way -1 in 5 will experience some sort of mental health issue each year. Therefore I think mental health issues should be highlighted. 

I would like to tell decision-makers that mental health is a burning issue that needs attention. I also think that the stigma around mental health needs to be broken down as mental health issues are as common as many physical conditions such as diabetes, asthma etc.