Democracy isn’t working as it should. Decision-makers are struggling to get things done. People are frustrated the system isn’t working for them. Everyone is feeling divided, distrustful and powerless.

We demonstrate how things can be different. We seek to create:

  1. New innovations  - to demonstrate better ways of doing democracy;

  2. New institutions  - to put people at the heart of decision-making;

  3. New norms  - to make democracy more open, participatory and deliberative.

We set the agenda

We continually update and promote our vision of a democracy that works for everyone, how it can solve the complex challenges facing society, and how we can get there.

We identify the innovations in practice most likely to effect and spread change, providing new ideas for other advocates and practitioners.

We identify policy asks for decision-makers, providing a pathway to large-scale change and systemic transformations.

Be part of the debate.

We build coalitions

We build and mobilise broad, unexpected and powerful coalitions of allies – from civil society, political institutions, media and beyond – to shape and advocate for a new vision for democracy.

We collaborate with academics to share learning and ensure advocacy and practice is always rooted in the latest evidence.

We support practitioners of participation, facilitate collective action and join up initiatives, resources and expertise.

Join the movement.

We make it happen

We design, deliver and evaluate world-class participatory processes and strategies.

We support public participation practice and research, particularly where it builds the case and pressure for wider change.

We use demonstration projects to show the efficacy of public participation, and build the understanding of good participatory practice.

How we can help you.