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Ever since the development of flint napping, the invention of the wheel and bronze smelting, scientific and technological innovation has  supported the growth and development of human societies. However, the current speed and pace of change, particularly in the fields of biological, material, computer and data sciences is unprecedented.

Involve’s focus for the Citizens and Science programme will be on developing more effective ways for citizens to be involved in the development and application of scientific and technological innovations. This work will build on our experience of contributing to Engage2020 and Sciencewise, in particular. It aims to ensure that technological innovations continue to contribute to the growth of our economy by meeting the real needs, hopes and desires of the public.

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Opening Policy, Protecting Privacy

Blog November 13, 2014 – Tim Hughes

How can government use the personal data it holds about us? How should government use the personal data it holds about us? With the rapid advancements in the ability to collect, manage, analyse, link, and share data, the gap…

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Blog November 11, 2014 – Tim Hughes

Welcome to the new look Involve website! We're very excited about it, so we hope you like it. Built for us by the fantastic guys at Helpful Technology, the site will help us better tell…

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