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Ever since the development of flint napping, the invention of the wheel and bronze smelting, scientific and technological innovation has  supported the growth and development of human societies. However, the current speed and pace of change, particularly in the fields of biological, material, computer and data sciences is unprecedented.

Involve’s focus for the Citizens and Science programme will be on developing more effective ways for citizens to be involved in the development and application of scientific and technological innovations. This work will build on our experience of contributing to Engage2020 and Sciencewise, in particular. It aims to ensure that technological innovations continue to contribute to the growth of our economy by meeting the real needs, hopes and desires of the public.

The latest

Exploring the Future of Science engagement

Blog September 30, 2014 – Edward Andersson

[caption id="attachment_6156" align="alignleft" width="300"] photo credit:[/caption] Edward Andersson argues that the coming decade will be highly innovative for science engagement. Early next month Engage2020 will run a second workshop on the future of engagement…

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Data sharing open policy process

May 2, 2014 – Tim Hughes

This open policy process is intended to support civil society organisations, independent experts, and government departments to explore the benefits, risks, limitations and governance for sharing personal data within government. The Government is keen to explore…

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Sciencewise programme

January 10, 2014 – Annie Quick

Involve are working in partnership with Ricardo AEA and the British Science Association to deliver the Sciencewise programme. Sciencewise is funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. It helps the government engage with the public on policy issues involving science and…

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January 9, 2014 – Houda Davis

Involve is part of the delivery consortium for Engage2020 -a project funded by the European Commission (DG Research). The project looks at research, innovation and related activities and asks how members of society are involved today, and perhaps…

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Lighthouse -picture from MorgueFile user:wallyir

What we know about dialogue

Blog November 12, 2013 – Edward Andersson

Edward Andersson reflects on the wide range of reports and resources available from the Sciencewise programme.  Over the last decade public engagement has gone from a novel activity to a much more established field. Yet…

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Revisiting past participants

Publications July 6, 2012 – Tim Hughes

This report summarises the findings of a small pilot project conducted for Sciencewise-ERC which aimed to develop a better understanding of whether and how public dialogues (and public participation more broadly) affect people's motivations to…

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