Involve is working in Scotland to develop, design and facilitate high quality participation processes that, building on the momentum already established across the country, will contribute to realising a culture of deeper democratic engagement in all aspects of Scottish public life.

In Scotland we already find a government context that is committed to principles of public engagement, partnership working, community empowerment and co-production. The challenge for everyone involved however is how to transform the innovation and experimentation taking place across the county into the mainstream practice.

Working with partners across government and civil society, Involve are therefore working to embed effective, efficient and meaningful spaces for public participation into the heart the business of policy and decision-making in Scotland, through;

  • Supporting organisations to plan and deliver high quality opportunities for dialogue and deliberation about issues that matter to people and which work for all stakeholders – communities, public sector bodies and political administrations alike;
  • Providing training, advice and mentoring to civic leaders, politicians and public officials to deepen their understanding of the principles, purposes and potential benefits of public engagement;
  • Fostering constructive conversations across the sector that focus on the ‘thorny issues’ – like transparency, accountability, representativeness, authenticity, legitimacy and routes of influence – that emerge in attempts to open up decision making processes to citizens;
  • Undertaking research and process evaluations to inform the development of replicable models of good practice, able to be tested and refined through feedback and iterative learning.

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