What a year it's been.

The shortcomings of our current model of democracy have grown ever more glaring. And we've made some big strides towards demonstrating how things can be different.

The first citizens' assembly commissioned by Parliament. The first citizens' assembly for Northern Ireland. Key youth-led changes in mental health decision making.

Our top ten from the past 12 months...

The Citizens' Assembly on Social Care

We made history running the UK Parliament's first ever citizens' assembly. Committee Chair Clive Betts MP said that the recommendations were 'vital' in informing the two Committees' thinking on the long-term funding of adult social care in England.

Northern Ireland's first ever citizen assembly

We ran the first Citizens' Assembly for Northern Ireland in a political context defined by division and conflict. What can it teach us about building consensus on a key area of social policy?

Tackling the issue of data sharing

Local government holds vast amounts of data about us. There are significant benefits from sharing this data, but many risks too. Our work in this area has aimed to bring the public into the heart of decisions about what data to share when and for what purposes.

Creating youth-led mental health policy

Our youth-led project on mental health, MH:2K, led to changes in policy and practice in participating local areas. It published its national findings at an event hosted by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP.

Campaigning for deliberative democracy

We've been planning big things for 2019 with the RSA and other democracy organisations and advocates. If you like what we do and interested in being more involved, apply to be on our board of trustees.

What do the public think about gene editing?

Gene editing technology has the potential to radically alter human life. With the Guardian, we are exploring what the public think and how journalists should cover it.

Delivering training on public engagement

We've trained practitioners and government officials right across the UK. Most recently we ran an intensive three-day course on deliberative democracy and facilitation reaching 55 people in the public, community and voluntary sectors in Northern Ireland.

Coordinating the UK Open Government Action Plan

The UK Open Government Network has focused on co-creating the UK's fourth action plan this year. Public officials and civil society efforts to keep it alive, despite Brexit, mean we're now close to publishing.

New resources and stories at Involve

Our new website has made it easier to browse the wealth of deliberative methods that exist. You can also read about the experiences and reflections from those who have taken part in deliberative projects.

Continuing strategic partnerships

Artificial intelligence has moved from trouncing humans at chess to predicting the shapes that proteins will fold into for designing new drugs. Our work supporting the Sciencewise programme is helping to bring public voice to the latest science and technology developments.


Do you have a story to share from 2018?

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