Democracy isn’t working as it should, but it’s key to tackling the challenges we face. We believe that a new type of democracy is needed - that puts people at the heart of decision-making. We’re looking for a new chair and two new trustees to help us achieve our vision.

We asked our Chair and Trustees, for Trustees Week, to tell us what they think about being a member of Involve's board. This is what they told us.

If you are interested in applying to join our board, check out the role descriptions and how to apply (Deadline: 4 January 2019).

ed mayo quote says To be a good trustee is to shine and then fade away. You stand up when you are needed, but the truth is that most of the time, you are seated. You listen. You read. You work as a team around a table. You show up to events, but you are an occasional sight, not a regular fixture. A good trustee shines when the time comes to add value, to advise, to challenge or to decide; and then fades away so it is the workers, the staff and volunteers, who lead ...and in leading, light up the world

cat tully quote says Voice, accountability and participation in public decision-making and civic space seems even more important now than before.  How do we come together and decide what we want as a community, whether local or national? Being a trustee of Involve has been an inspiring journey, supporting a great team as they prototype new solutions to this challenge

julie mellor quote says with a passion for harnessing people's ideas, values and motivations to solve the big challenges of the day it is great to be part of a strong team of trustees and staff at Involve

jack stilgoe quote says Being a trustee for Involve is like being an uncle to one of the most interesting possible families. I’m not always sat around the dining table, but I get to see the organisation growing up and doing fabulous things. They make me feel helpful and I get to be a part of something extremely exciting.

 how can we put people at the centre of the decisions that affect their lives. There could hardly be a more important time to be asking this question, and as part of a hard-working team of trustees, I'm proud to be supporting Involve as it pioneers new ways of answering it.

jessica greenhalf quote says It is a real privilege being a trustee for Involve. Board discussions are focused and engaging. There is a great relationship between the board and talented staff team which means you really do feel like your input is welcome and useful