As part of Building Change Trust’s Civic Activism Awards, Involve and Democratic Society will be working with the Trust to deliver support to successful awardees. Tim Hughes is leading Involve’s work on the awards and we’ve included an excerpt from a chat with Tim below. You can read more on the Building Change Trust website.

What type of work does your organisation do?

Involve and Demsoc are specialists in civic engagement, with over fifteen years of combined experience in supporting organisations to engage more fully with citizens. We seek to build a deeper, more participatory democracy, where citizens are able to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

What work will you be doing with the Building Change Trust?

Involve and Demsoc will be providing support to the Building Change Trust’s Civic Activism Programme. The Civic Activism Programme is supporting Northern Irish VCSE organisations to pilot civic activism tools to involve citizens in decision-making processes. Involve and Demsoc will mentor the projects and help ensure that their learning is captured and shared.

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