Involve and the Building Change Trust are collecting examples of tools and methods that can be used by civil society organisations to enable and support civic activism (i.e. involving citizens in decision making processes). We need your help.

Please consider taking a few minutes to tell us about a tool or method you use or know of by completing this short form:

We are particularly interested in tools or methods that can be used by a civil society organisation working at a local level (e.g. in rural, suburban or urban communities) for the purpose of:

a) Involving citizens in the organisations own work; or
b) Enabling or supporting citizens to scrutinise and engage with government.

We want to find tools and methods that support six categories of activities: [These categories are derived from Civicus’s Participatory Governance categories].

  • Public budgets – Enabling / supporting citizens to understand and influence decisions about the allocation of public resources, monitor public spending and hold government actors accountable for their management of public financial resources.
  • Public debate – Enabling / supporting citizens to be aware of their civic rights and responsibilities, collectively deliberate on priority issues and/or express their opinions and concerns.
  • Public information – Enabling / supporting citizens to have access to relevant information about government policies, decisions and actions.
  • Public oversight – Enabling / supporting citizens to scrutinise the conduct of politicians and public officials, identify corruption, oversee public action, seek redress for injustices or misdeeds, ensure that elections are free and fair and hold politicians accountable for their electoral promises.
  • Public policy – Enabling / supporting citizens to engage constructively with policy makers on public policy issues.
  • Public services – Enabling / supporting citizens to monitor and evaluate the accessibility, quality and efficiency of public services.

All of the tools and methods we collect will be published with the intention that they are shared, used and reused to inform and inspire civil society around the world. A selection of the tools and methods will be used by the Building Change Trust and Involve in our work to support civic activism and engagement in Northern Ireland, Britain and beyond.

Many thanks in advance for your help.