Urban Forum and bassac – both national charities with a local voluntary and community group membership – have recently published Local Action: The Handy Guide for communities working with councillors

The guide looks at the practical ways that community groups can work effectively with councillors on local campaigns and projects. By looking at the current policy context and delving deeper into the experiences of 10 case studies, the report examines how community groups can harness the potential of joint working with their local councillors.

The guide argues that with the government’s Big Society agenda well under way, now is a crucial time for community groups to assert their voices, and shows many community groups are finding that their local councillors are natural allies. It highlights how poor communication has sometimes prevented collaborative working, and shows through people’s stories that this doesn’t have to be the case.

The guide highlights the situations in which councillors can add benefit, expedite processes and increase a projects’ potential for success. Whether in taking over a public service, campaigning for change in a local area, or in active citizenship programmes, community groups have found that councillors’ can provide invaluable support for change. Drawing out top tips from case studies, the guide provides practical advice for community groups who wish to involve their local councillors. Equally, councillors may find the guide useful to understand the role they can play in working with community groups in their area.

Click here to download the report.

For more information, or to order printed copies of the report contact: info@urbanforum.org.uk