Download the Looking Beyond Copenhagen publication here.

The influential WWViews International Policy Report presented a consensus on the need to act now to prevent further climate change. Beneath the data gathered for this report we find individual countries contribution. Involve ran the UK WorldWideViews event with Kettering as the town chosen to be part of this unprecedented consultation event.

If the appropriated slogan of the environmental agenda has been ‘think global, act local’, then we can look on the Kettering debate as what this maxim would entail when deliberated upon by a cross section of UK citizenry. ‘Looking Beyond Copenhagen’ highlights the sample’s desire for multi-lateral agreements and raising fossil fuel prices, while also the ‘tragedy of the commons’ problem and threat of immediate costs. The positive and negative findings which emerged from the Kettering debate should not be seen as two sides of the same coin. The recommendations show how concern about making short-term sacrifices as well as powerlessness (i.e. “What difference can I make?”) can be mitigated through connecting government with the people via education and engagement, incentives and accountability, and the power of communal action.

Click here to read Nick Rand and Simon Burall’s ‘Looking Beyond Copenhagen: Understanding citizens’ view on climate change’.

Zaki Nahaboo