Henry Tam’s new book “Against Power Inequalities” charts the contest for power redistribution over time, highlighting the fundamental causes of disempowerment still prevalent today. It is shown that from the time of ancient tyrannies to the contemporary global society, a similar pattern emerges with those in powerful positions seeking to consolidate and strengthen their grip even further by constantly changing the rules in their favour. This has led many to accept a way of life which is unwarranted by denying them the opportunity to voice their concerns in decisions that affect them.

The book will be of interest to those concerned with undertaking citizen action to engender a fairer and more inclusive society, and those would like to know more about the broader historical picture of how power inequalities have been tackled in the past so as to inform present day advocacy and activism.

Henry Tam is Visiting Professor at Birkbeck College, University of London, and Fellow of the Globus Institute, University of Tilburg, and the Netherlands. He has written extensively on democratic citizenship and inclusive community development.

The book is available for free downlaod from the Equality Trust located here