Numbers are only part of the story –

Things have been very busy at the Involve offices since the World Wide Views Event last week. We are working on the official event report, which should be ready shortly. We’ve been busy poring over the voting results from the UK event and it makes for fascinating reading. On most issues it seems that the majority of UK participants agrees with the Government’s tough stance; in many cases the UK participants want to go even further in terms of emission reductions and penalties for countries that don’t live up to their commitments.

One of the big challenges we face is to convey the energy in the room to others who weren’t there. A report can’t really capture the spirit of the event, and neither can the numbers on their own. That’s why it is great that a number of different media outlets covered the event, including Radio 5 Live and the World Service. Unfortunately most of this coverage is time limited access, but you can still check out the coverage in the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph.

I’m about to go to Copenhagen for a two day session where we will draft up the global policy report. Taking 38 event reports, each of them as rich and complex as the one from Kettering and creating a report to do justice to them all is a big responsibility. One way of seeing if you agree with our conclusions is to go onto the site and compare the results of the UK to other countries.

I’ll post an update once the policy workshop is done to let you know what the results were.