IMG_3209On Friday 22nd July Involve hosted a workshop with King’s College London to explore what people with facilitation, conflict resolution and engagement skills could bring to the challenging situation the UK finds itself in post-EU referendum.

We have written previously about what we see as some of the challenges ahead. As Simon has explained, although Involve has a clear sense of the relevance of our skills and experience to the current situation we cannot set out to solve anything on our own. Friday’s workshop was a chance for us to start exploring what we collectively have to offer and what a way forward might look like.

The workshop saw over 60 people with a variety of experience – in facilitation, dialogue, research, performing arts and more – come together to share insight, network and explore how we might work together on the issues that Brexit has thrown up. You can watch vox pops with participants and view our visual record of the event here. We will be uploading blogs sharing some reflections from the Involve team over the next week.

When we put the call out to our networks to gauge interest in running an event like this we had no idea what the response would be. We ended up with over 270 people expressing support from across the UK. We had intended to run the event outside of London but in the end had to go with the location with the biggest demand.

But we are keen for the energy to spread and be channeled in other parts of the UK. Particularly in those communities where the divides between leave and remain or national and local politics are most prominent. We do not have the capacity (or the local knowledge) to do this ourselves but we are able to support in other ways, possibly including a small financial contribution.  

 We have set up a Google Group which is going to be the main way of communicating and organising post-referendum activities. If you have not already signed up please do so here. If you might be able to run a workshop in your area please join the discussion “local workshops” and register your interest by end of day Monday 1st August. This is just to get an initial indication of interest – it will not commit you to anything and does not prevent people who miss the deadline from organising events.

Image credit: Involve