WelcomeWelcome to the new look Involve website! We’re very excited about it, so we hope you like it. Built for us by the fantastic guys at Helpful Technology, the site will help us better tell you about the work we’re doing and what we’re learning from it.

In my almost four years at Involve, I’ve witnessed (and hope have played a part in) a quiet transformation in the organisation. From working on lots of interesting but small projects, we’ve shifted to building a smaller number of larger and more significant programmes of work. Developing a democratic system for the NHS, supporting government to engage citizens on some of the most complex areas of policy, working with reformers in civil society and government to make our institutions more transparent, engaging and accountable; Involve is working on big, crunchy and strategic issues, with some great partners inside and outside of government.

We thought it was about time our website reflected this change to the organisation and how we work. With our new look, you’ll find the content of the website linked to our different programmes and project, so you can more easily keep up to date on the latest from Involve. The homepage will give you a snapshot of the latest and biggest things we’re working on, while the Our work page will give you the latest and the opportunity to delve into more depth on each of our programmes.

We also now have the opportunity to produce accessible and navigable long form articles, liberating from PDFs what we’ve learnt from over ten years of public participation and allowing us to present it directly on the site.

So please have a look around and tell us what you think.

Image credit: chrisinplymouth