Please download the WWViews International Policy Report Here

Results from the first-ever global citizens’ consultation on climate change are clear: Citizens from all parts of the world mandate their politicians to take fast and strong action at COP15.

The results are remarkably consistent across national income groups and geographical regions. The participating citizens voted on alternative answers to 12 predefined questions and produced a large number of recommendations phrased in their own wordings. Synthesizing these results, we can deduce nine clear Policy Recommendations from the citizens.

The recommendations are:

  1. Make a deal at COP15
  2. Keep the temperature increase below 2 degrees
  3. Annex 1 countries should reduce emissions with 25-40 % or more by 2020
  4. Fast-growing economies should also reduce emissions by 2020
  5. Low-income developing countries should limit emissions
  6. Give high priority to an international financial mechanism
  7. Punish non-complying countries
  8. Make technology available to everyone
  9. Strengthen or supplement international institutions

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