There are lots of resources available that provide guidance on working with residents and local communities.

Below we have collected some examples to help get you started. They are organised into four categories:

  • Covid, communities and local government 

  • Designing public participation

  • Community engagement

  • Participatory methods and tools

Covid, communities and local government

COVID-19 recovery communications | Local Government Association

This resource from the LGA provides guidance for local authorities on communicating with residents about the Covid recovery.

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COVID-19: good council practice | Local Government Association

This database of case studies from the LGA gives examples of how local authorities are responding to Covid across their many different areas of policy and responsibility.

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Revisiting the Route Map to an Enabling State: Guiding Principles for Recovery | Carnegie UK Trust

This resource by the Carnegie UK Trust explores the relationship between government, public services and citizens and updates their 2014 “Route Map to an Enabling State” with some guiding principles for recovery. 

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How is COVID-19 changing the relationship between communities and public services? | New Local Government Network

This report by NLGN looks at how the relationship between communities and public services changed during the pandemic and gives pointers on how to ensure progress continues in the future.

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Communities vs. Coronavirus: The rise of mutual aid

This report by NLGN explores how mutual aid groups have emerged in response to Covid and gives recommendations to local authorities on how to work with them.

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Designing public participation

How do I plan a participatory process? | Involve

This knowledge base resource from Involve gives a step-by-step guide to planning participatory processes.

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How to design and plan public engagement processes: A handbook | What Works Scotland

This handbook by What Works Scotland includes detailed guidance on designing and planning effective engagement processes.

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Community engagement

Community mobilisation: Unlocking the potential of community power | NLGN

This report from NLGN provides a how-to guide for building active, networked and powerful communities.

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Participatory methods and tools

Methods | Participedia

Participedia is a crowdsourced platform for methods and case studies on public participation and democratic innovation. It includes a collection of over 300 methods that have been used around the world. Participedia is building a specific “Citizens Voices and Values on Covid-19” collection

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Methods Toolkit | Involve

The methods toolkit by Involve outlines over 50 different participatory and deliberative methods, including what they are, when they should be used, their strengths and weaknesses and what they cost.

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Digital Tools Database | Involve

The digital tools database by Involve includes a range of online tools to enable participation, collaboration and discussion.

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Civic Tech Field Guide

The Civic Tech Field Guide, by Crowd Hall, is a crowdsourced, global collection of civic tech tools and projects.

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