Before you begin...




Can anything change as a result of participation?


A participatory process may not be right for you. Consider using traditional communication methods instead.

Do you have enough resources both time and money to run the process?


It may not be wise to undertake a process which may fail due to lack of resources. Both time and money are needed to secure success.

Is the decision maker supportive of your participation process?


Consider how to gain their support – if this is not an option then reconsider the process objectives.

Is the issue one which is of interest to your intended participants?


Consider what your proposed participants could get out of engaging in the process

Have you considered which participants you aim to engage?


Take time to work out who you want to involve and why. Sketch out ideas on the mix of people you would like in the group and the numbers involved.

Do you have shared clarity on the general type of outputs you are seeking?


Work with the key decision maker in order to establish how best to use the information gathered.

Have previous attempts at involving the public been successful?


Speak to those involved in organising previous processes and find out what could be improved.

Is your process the only current attempt to involve these participants around this issue?


Consider partnering with other organisations or groups working in a similar area.